TAG Heuer promises a smart-looking smartwatch

If you thought Moto's smartwatch was classy, the Swiss brand promises it can do better
TAG Heuer promises a smart-looking smartwatch

Smart Swiss brand TAG Heuer has looked at the current batch of smartwatches and decided it's going to launch its own, thanks very much. Jean-Claude Biver, head of the watch brand spoke of the plans to a Swiss newspaper.

Biver had previously been quoted disparaging the Apple Watch, calling it (among other things) "too feminine" and lacking sex appeal.

Bringing sexy to the smartwatch

TAG Heuer promises a smart-looking smartwatch

Despite Biver's comments, the watch industry is feeling the pressure as its territory is now being usurped by tech companies such as Samsung, Motorola and now, Apple.

While not giving full details on the planned TAG smartwatch, Biver of course insisted that it would not copy the Apple Watch in any way. He said that to follow in some other company's footsteps was not something TAG could "afford" to do.

TAG is not a complete stranger to the making of smartwatches, apparently having made one for Oracle's sailing team. The Tag Heuer Aquaracer 72 was deemed the first Swiss sportswatch created especially for sailing.

The watch, based on TAG Heuer's Aquaracer 500M Calibre 72 Countdown chronograph weighed 108 grams, was designed to fit over a wetsuit and was impact-resistant to 5,000 Gs. Its digital display was optimised to show a data stream of important boat and sailing data that included boat speed, sail pressure, true wind speed and true wind direction. All this complemented by a red leather strap with the TAG Heuer logo.

But in comparison to the sleekness of the current batch of Android Wear devices, the Aquaracer 72 looks rather dated. Perhaps TAG Heuer might need to relearn what 'sexy' means in a world that will soon be inundated with smartwatches.

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