This stylus might be an optional accessory for the alleged iPad Pro

It won’t be an included accessory like what we all originally thought
This stylus might be an optional accessory for the alleged iPad Pro

It’s old news that Apple was granted a patent in the US for a “communicating stylus” that could “talk” to its digital devices wirelessly. But recent rumours are indicating that the said stylus won't be part of the alleged iPad Pro's offering.

Sources are attributing KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, for this claim. He mentioned that the accessory would be an optional inclusion for the purported iPad Pro, since a larger screen would mean more popularity for a stylus amongst enterprise and creative people.

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If you’re bummed that you wouldn’t be seeing the stylus packaged with the unofficial iPad Pro, you shouldn’t – it’s actually a good thing. Kuo was quoted by MacRumors saying that if the stylus came as part of the iPad Pro package, its base cost will be too high (especially for those of you who feel like you wouldn’t need the gizmo).

“We don’t think all users will need a stylus initially. Coupled with its unfavorable cost structure, high selling prices may turn consumers off if the iPad is always bundled with it,” he said to MacRumors.

The stylus has been said to charge via a Lightning connector and might include a gyroscope accelerometer and “3D handwriting” support (to write on other surfaces or in the air) in future models.

But for now, the first generation stylus might make its debut sometime during Q2 or Q3 this year, around the time the iPad Pro is predicted to launch

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[Source and image: MacRumors]