Steam Exploration Sale - the best deals

From The Phantom Pain to GTA V, savings ahoy!

The time of year has come again when Valve is hacking the price of thousands of games in order to impoverish Steam's 150 million-strong user base.

We've sifted through the endless lists percentages and pound signs to bring you the best of the best. But beware, the sale only runs until 1st December, after which these games will be going, going, gone.

BioShock Triple Pack -85% (RM15.75)

For this pitiful sum you receive two of the most important games of the past ten years. In 2007 BioShock rocked the FPS genre with an intelligent plot and a multi-path approach to combat, and its titanic influence can be felt in almost every shooter on the market today. It also managed to use the name 'Big Daddy' without sounding like a cheap porno. Bravo.

BioShock Infinite trod a similar path and its all-round excellence made it a standout title of 2013. Booker and Elizabeth's journey is a tremendous feat of videogame storytelling that mustn't be missed: it messed with our heads and our hearts.

Buy BioShock Triple Pack here

Alien Isolation -75% (RM23.75)

Without a doubt the most intelligent AAA game of last year, and at a bargain price.

Alien Isolation's approach to stealth is totally unique. The AI of its notorious xenomorph is frighteningly clever and establishing patterns to its movement is near-impossible. This critter thinks on the fly and so must you if you want to survive. We'll never forget the first time we dashed into a locker believing we'd made it to safety, only to be dragged out kicking and screaming when the alien heard us breathing. Not for the faint-hearted, this one.

Buy Alien Isolation here

Star Wars Collection -77% (RM38.87)

The impending arrival of The Force Awakens has us more excited than C3PO on polishing day, but sadly it's still almost a month away.

Luckily the Star Wars brand has birthed a slew of amazing games to keep you occupied until release. The Star Wars Collection features gems such as Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2, Jedi Knight II, and the original Dark Forces.

Sure, we're not as crazy about The Force Unleashed or The Clone Wars which are also included in the bundle, but for just over seventeen pounds you receive fourteen full games - a ratio not to be scoffed at.

Buy Star Wars Collection here

Fallout Franchise -75% (From RM5.75 to RM199)

Post-apocalyptic dystopias might be all the rage at the moment, but the Fallout series was making mass extinction en vogue before these newcomers were a twinkle in their creator's eye. 

From Fallout: New Vegas to the original Fallout, every single game (bar Fallout 4) has been hacked in price, which means you can pick up the likes of Fallout 3 for a fiver. They might not look as fancy as the latest instalment, but these old timers have a lot to offer anyone wanting to explore every possible nook and cranny of the Wasteland.

Buy Fallout franchise games here

Valve Complete Pack -75% (RM42.25)

Valve's rate of production as a games developer is woefully slow (curse you, Valve Time...) but whenever it does release a new title into the wild it's always guaranteed to make a splash. 

The Valve Complete Pack contains every single one of the company's creations. Half-Life, Portal, Portal 2, Counter Srike, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead... the list reads like a diary of moments that changed gaming forever. This is a mightily affordable way to fill the gaps in your videogame education.

Buy Valve Complete Pack here

The Witcher Trilogy Pack -57% (RM74.60)

The Witcher series has deservedly won a place in the annals of gaming fame by scoring top marks in almost every category. Not only does the trilogy feature the sturdiest combat mechanics of any action-RPG series out there, but its world is consistently, and lovingly realised.

In spite of the fact that The Witcher III is only six months old, it's still featured in this sub-thirty pound pack. Even better, the combined play-time of all three titles comes in at a gargantuan 200 hours. If that isn't value for money, we don't know what is.

Buy Witcher Trilogy Pack here