Stay frosty, agent - The Division's Dark Zone is getting tougher today

Expect a lot more rogue agents going after you and your gear

You'll need to be on high alert if you're planning a trip to the Dark Zone in Tom Clancy's The Division - Ubisoft is dropping a patch that's set to make it much tougher.

At launch, the Division's PVP multiplayer areas were supposed to encourage agents to go rogue, betraying their teammates to get the best gear.

Turns out not many players were willing to do it, though, because the punishments were just too great. Once you've downloaded today's patch, that will quickly change.

Now, dying in the dark zone doesn't carry the same hefty penalties, meaning you keep more of your cash, Dark Zone experience and Pheonix credits for buying better gear should you cop it.

Rogue agents have a bigger incentive too; the rewards for reaching the maximum Rogue level are far better - assuming you can survive, of course.

Ubisoft has also clamped down on some of the exploits that players were using to level up and get the best gear quicker than intended. 

A boss enemy called the Bullet King used to be able to be harvested for items, but he's now stopped paying out.

A whole host of other tweaks have been made, including weapon balancing and better rewards for looting chests in the Dark Zone.

Finally, you can put your medkits and healing abilities to good use on neutral agents in the Dark Zone - just keep in mind they could still turn on you once they get back to full health.

You can get the full patch notes here. The update should be available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.