Sources Reveal Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 To Include Life Saving Features

Looks like a great option for those with illnesses or are senior

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 happening next month, we also mentioned that it could also come with a range of other products such as a new smartwatch. While it's uncertain if it really will be launched together with the Note 10, there are already leaks on the smarwatch revealed. According to Sammobile, the smartwatch will be called the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and it will come with a couple of new features that were recently introduced with the new Apple Watch Series 4.

It's definitely similar to the Galaxy Watch Active, as it comes with a round face and is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes. It also looks like Samsung's decision to drop the bezel lives on too.

There are some interesting features to look out for that could potentially save lives. Sammobile's sources have revealed that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will take a page out of the Apple Watch Series 4’s book and feature an ECG app. This will enable users to take an electrocardiogram from their wrist. The app will let users capture their heart rhythm when they experience symptoms such as rapid or skipped, low or irregular heartbeat. The data could then be shared with physicians for an expert opinion.

Another potential life-saving feature to look out for is fall detection. If a fall is detected, the watch will show an alert on the screen which allows the user to get help with a single tap. If there is no response for a period of time, the watch will automatically call for help by contacting a preset of emergency contacts.

Other than that, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is likely to come in both WiFi and LTE editions. If it's anything like its first edition, you can expect it to also support wireless charging. The current Watch is priced at MYR799 and it’s available in Rose Gold, Black and Silver. Here's hoping the Galaxy Note 10 launch comes with more information on the Galaxy Watch Active 2.