Sony's SmartBand 2 appears on website, listed at RM599

New wearable a nice upgrade to its predecessor

If you held off on buying the first Sony SmartBand, its SmartBand 2 is now available and with a feature the first lacked - a heart rate monitor.

The band will come in white and black though Sony is due to launch pink and indigo versions later this year, which you can swap out as the SmartBand's module lets you easily change straps. It's also has IP68 grade waterproofing and vibration alerts for notifications - calls, texts and the likes as well as an alert if you're out of Bluetooth range with your phone.

It also has a stated two-day battery life and a stamina mode to stretch that to five days (but by turning off the heart rate sensor).

The official Sony website lists the wearable at RM599, so expect it to be out at official Sony retailers very soon.

[Source: Lowyat]