Sony adds wireless magic to cameras

NFC on phones is so yesterday: Sony adds NFC to its cameras too.

Sony has decided that NFC will be a great feature...for a camera. This is purportedly the next step in imaging systems by Sony. What you see in the picture is basically a standalone camera unit with a large sensor – similar to the ones you can find in the RX100 II – and comes with battery and controls. Could this be the next best thing? We'll wait until we see actual production models before we decide.


Sonyalpharumours also said that the camera can connect through WiFi, which brings to mind the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

While there is no specified release date so far, the consensus is that this will be a real product, and will be hitting the stores by year’s end.  This sounds like a better version of what Canon has out in the market now. Of course the biggest caveat is that you need a smartphone  to use it – but hey, everyone has one now right? And will this spell the end of camera sensors in smartphones?

[sonyalpharumors via petapixel]