Socar rent-a-car app launching in Malaysia

Car-sharing concept is an interesting take on vehicle rentals

Another day, another app. Coming soon is the Socar app from South Korea, which promises to make car rental a lot easier via car-sharing.

Socar, so good

What the app allows you to do is rent a car by the hour, day or by the week - sort of like you would one of those public bicycles. Download Socar, choose the duration of your usage and you will be charged depending on vehicle type.

All you have to do next is pick up your chosen ride. The cars will come with fuel and there will be designated parking spaces for when you return your rental. However, payment for tolls and the like is the driver's responsibility, and not part of the rental fee, which starts from RM8 per hour.

Insurance is also provided so if the car breaks down, you can contact the 24-hour emergency service.

In South Korea, the service has over 3 million users. Now to see if it enjoys the same success here.

Can't wait to rent a car? The official launch is happening 23 January but the app is already downloadable on Google Play and the App Store.