SheTaxi is somewhat like Uber, but it’s only for women

This app takes requests and dispatches drivers that are female
SheTaxi is somewhat like Uber, but it’s only for women

It’s the middle of the night, and you’re nervous to get into a cab because you feel uncomfortable travelling with a male, or maybe, you prefer the company of a woman driver. You’re not alone.

And a start-up, SheTaxi, understands that and has launched an app-based car service (somewhat like Uber) for women in a few cities in the US – and it only employs female drivers.

The app, also called SheTaxi, will be rolled out in Westchester County, Long Island, and New York City (although it’s named SheRides in New York) from 16 September, and provides women with an added option to the yellow taxis, green cabs and black Uber cars the country currently has.

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If you’re wondering how to tell them apart (besides the fact that they’re female), look out for their hot pink pashmina scarves. What the app does is basically ask a user if they’re female, or if there’s one in a group. If not, the request will be diverted to another app-based car service, it’s that simple.

This service is yet to get nationwide reach in the US itself – it’s planning on extending its reach to Miami, Chicago, and Washington by the end of the year – so it may be a while before we see it in Malaysia (if it does come by this end of the world that is).

But it’s a handy app to have should you be a female and travelling to one of these cities by yourself. You can get it from the Apple Store for now, but it will soon be rolled out to the Google Play Store in the coming months. 

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[Source and image: Engadget