Set phones to silent, Facebook videos now autoplay sound

Tweak your settings to prevent major embarrassment when publicly checking Facebook

We're going to list this under 'pure evil': Facebook now autoplays sounds on Facebook videos.

That means when you scroll through your newsfeed, videos will play sound instead of being silent until you chose to click on them.

Incoming annoyances

According to Facebook, it had tested sound on on "hearing positive feedback", the company is "slowly bringing it to more people". Sound will now fade in and out as you scroll past videos.

The good news is that you can go to settings and just switch off "Videos in News Feed Start With Sound".

Besides the new autoplay of sound, Facebook has also tweaked vertical videos to look better on mobile devices and also made it possible to view videos on Facebook  in a corner of your screen, while still browsing your FB feed. However it only works on Android right now.

Facebook has also confirmed it's making a new Facebook video app for TV, that will roll out on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV as well as Samsung Smart TV.

Looks like Facebook is going big on video, so YouTube might need to watch out.

Besides the upcoming Facebook app, check out some other Apple TV apps you might want to use.