Selfies invade World of Warcraft

Finish a quest and your epic loot is a camera for you to take selfies. We're not kidding
Selfies invade World of Warcraft

Because in-game screenshots are too mainstream for Blizzard's World of Warcraft (WoW) developers, they've created a quest that will allow you to win a scary prize indeed - a camera to help you take in-game selfies.

With Twitter now being integrated into WoW, this means you can now share with the world that you're raiding instead of clubbing on a Friday night.

Quick, let's take a selfie with the dragon

Selfies invade World of Warcraft

This new selfie feature is apparently all part of Patch 6.1. You go on a quest called Field Photography that is roughly four hours long. Finish the quest and hello, new in-game item.

You can click on the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera (that's what it's called, for real) and it will then face you. Swivel the angle and then press 1 to snap a photo. The photo then is saved to your screenshot folder. Don't bother trying to pose - your ingame character will make lots of ridiculous selfie poses for you.

Apparently there are also missions that will let you upgrade your camera with filters as well, obviously Blizzard is truly in touch with the whole selfie phenomenon. Hey, maybe that's why the game is still around despite all the competition. We now look eagerly forward to WoWBook and WowTweet. Maybe Wowstagram?

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