Segway takes out world's fastest man Usain Bolt

The lightning bolt can run, but it can't hide from a camerman on a PEV

He might be the fastest man on the planet but it seems like Usain Bolt still isn’t quite quick enough to escape a segway attack.

The Jamaican sprinter was waving to the crowd at Beijing's futuristic Bird’s Nest Stadium after winning the 200m final at the ongoing World Championships when he was taken out from behind by a Chinese cameraman and his out of control segway.

Fortunately, the man known as the Lightning Bolt was unhurt by the incident and continued his lap of honour. In fact, he even managed to crack a joke that the embarrassed cameraman had been paid by his nearest rival Justin Gatlin to take him out.

We just wonder, though, unfortunate accident or a daring assassination attempt by the robot hordes?