SanDisk stuffs 400GB into a microSD

Company also announced iXpand Base that charges and backs up your iPhone

SanDisk's decided to stuff the most storage we've ever seen in a microSD card. Think 400GB, probably more than some people have on their laptops.

Western Digital magic

Western Digital now owns SanDisk, which probably makes this microSD's creation not at all a surprise. It supports up to 100MB/s speed transfers and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. All that storage doesn't come cheap though. Think US$249.99 (RM1070) - probably about the cost of a decent midrange Android smartphone.

For iPhone users, there's now the SanDisk iXpand Base that offers not just charging, but backing up your media to the inbuilt storage. With 15W charging capacity, it can charge at a decent rate while also helping preserve your data (contacts, photo and video). Of course it can't backup your entire phone thanks to iOS quirks, but at least you can just plug in your phone and not think too much about backups.

The pricing depends on storage capacity, with the options being 32GB for US$49.99 (RM215), 64GB for US$99.99 (RM430), 128GB for US$129.99 (RM555) and 256GB for US$199.99 (RM855). Check your local SanDisk distributor for availability should you be keen on these new storage products.

[Source: SanDisk]