Samsung still can't figure out what's behind the Galaxy Note 7 incidents

Samsung's engineers have been unable to replicate the fires

Samsung has finally discontinued its star product of the year, the Galaxy Note 7.

The trouble with the device still hasn't quite ended yet, though, as it seems Samsung still doesn't know what caused all the malfunctioning phones to overheat.

The Galaxy Note 7 mystery

According to a New York Times report, despite extensive testing, Samsung engineers have been unable to replicate the conditions that caused the phones to explode.

The phone did go through a period of beta testing as well as including third-party testers from Verizon and AT&T. No extreme overheating or battery issues showed up then.

What was the phone's strength - it being chock-full of features -  is proving to be a liability. Because there have been so many additions to the phone, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what is causing the problems.

The manufacturing chain is also under scrutiny to see if there had been corners cut, in the rush to bring the phone to market. So if Samsung isn't letting on about what's behind the issues, it's because the company doesn't have an answer yet.

Former director of the Center for Advanced Batteries at the Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Park Chul-wan, neatly summarised Samsung's current situation to NYT: "In a race to surpass iPhone, Samsung seems to have packed it with so much innovation it became uncontrollable."

What's next for Samsung? Well, it has no room for error with the next flagship and it had better figure out what went wrong before then. Because we sure aren't lacking choices.

In the meantime, here's a video of a recently exploding Galaxy Note 7 in a South Korean Burger King.

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