Samsung Rolls Out Fingerprint Scanner Fix For Galaxy S10 Devices In Malaysia

There are some extra steps you should take for further safety

Just last week we reported that there were security issues with Galaxy S10 and Note 10 devices, where if you use unofficial screen protectors, anyone can access your phone. Not only is this risky for people accessing your device, this means they can also access selected apps especially from banks. This made the device a huge security risk.

Thankfully, the matter has since been resolved and Samsung has rolled out an update for the system to help fix the issues relating to fingerprint scanner. It's a minor update of just 4.2MB, and while it won't reboot the device, it's recommended to restart the phone after you've updated. Another recommendation by Samsung is that it would be best to reregister your fingerprint without a screen protector first.

Since the issue was riased up, certain banks around the globe had since removed their app from affected devices, and even Maybank had put out a warning to disable the Biometric Login feature to ensure further safety. Now that the matter has been resolved, you can reactivate this feature if you want.

But as always, to be safe, you should test out your fingerprint scanner further to see if it is working properly and that no one else can access your device and apps except for you and whoever you allow to.