Samsung Rio-ready with its Galaxy S7 Edge Olympics edition

Black with gold accents, to appeal to your inner Olympian

With the Rio Olympics just around the corner, Samsung's just released an Olympic edition of its Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. With a black matte finish and gold accents, as well as custom Olympic theme, it's certainly sporty but in an elegant way.

Same specs, little extras

The specs for this Galaxy S7 Edge don't differ from the standard model, with the same display and innards (5.5in Quad HD AMOLED display, 4GB RAM, Exynos 8890 processor, 12MP main shooter) but the customised theme and extra detailing on the phone's case add a nice touch of class.

Apart from the custom Olympics theme with a  gold home button and ear piece tips, with the five Olympic rings on the back cover, Samsung has even go so far as to edge the camera and heart rate sensor with blue while adding green and red volume and power buttons respectively. It comes in a very good-looking limited edition box but otherwise has no other extras packed with the set.

As for availability, they're confirmed for Brazil, China, Germany, Korea and the US with no word whether it'll reach other countries anytime soon. Expect it to be priced a little higher than the average Galaxy S7 edge. A nice gift for the sports buff and athlete in your life, though comic book fans would probably prefer the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Injustice edition.

We'll keep you posted when or if this arrives on our shores.

[Source: Samsung via Soyacincau]