Samsung not making anymore plasma TVs

The death knell for plasma displays is sounding even louder as Samsung makes its last plasma TVs
Samsung not making anymore plasma TVs

There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth among the TV snob fraternity. No matter how pretty the new HDTVs are, there is nothing quite like plasma but it looks like it's coming to the end of an era for the tech as Samsung has just announced it will stop producing plasma displays.

Not too long ago Panasonic also gave up on plasma and soon the only ones available will be the ones still lying around in warehouses or stores.


Too costly to make

Samsung not making anymore plasma TVs

While there is still demand for plasma, the cost to make them when compared to cheaper OLED panels means the latter will always deliver more profit. It doesn't help that plasma models usually cost a bomb while OLED TVs have a more diverse price range.

Samsung will only end production on November 30 this year so expect lots of specials as manufacturers clear old plasma stock. Analysts are saying that the demand for plasma is falling with Reuters saying that Samsung will dismantle production lines, keeping what can be reusable for its battery business while firesale-ing the rest.

A future where only LCD and OLED panels exist may make TV purists cry and LG is currently the last holdout in the plasma arena.

So if a plasma display has been on your wishlist for a long time, then don't be waiting too long.

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