Samsung Malaysia showcases the artsy The Frame TV

The stylish TV will be available in August

Samsung's just brought its classy The Frame TVs to Malaysia.

A pretty picture

What's the biggest draw for this TV? Samsung's designed it as not just a functional device for your entertainment but to enhance your decor.

Its name alludes to the TV's design to mimic a framed piece of art - you could play spot the 'real' picture if you want. With the Art Mode feature, The Frame can display 100 works of art or you can customise it further with your own photos.

With the No Gap well-maintained, the TV can also be mounted flush to the wall like a real framed photo without the bulk of cables getting in the way.

Let's play spot the TV

The Frame also offers customisable frame options. Choose from White, Beige Wood and Walnut. Also notable is the brightness sensor that adjusts the TV's level of brightness to match the current lighting. No messy fiddling with controls - it's all taken care of thanks to the TV's smart technology.

Expect the TV to be available in the country by 15 August. Prices are RM14999 for the 65in model and RM9999 for the 55in TV.