Samsung Galaxy Gear prototype leak shows it is big on health

The upcoming Sammy smartwatch keeps a discreet eye on your physical activities and puts you on the road to fitness
Samsung Smartwatch

It may differ from what we’d imagined the first time around, but we’re still pretty eager to get our wrists in the Galaxy Gear.

The health conscious smartwatch is set to help wearers regain control of their fitness habits. That is, after you’ve realised via its slew of pre-loaded health apps how much you’ve been slacking in the keep-fit department.

Aside from the good old dependable pedometer, you also get heart-rate and calorie intake monitors for the complete lowdown on your body needs. And to make sure that you actually do something about it (aside from staring at the stats in horror), there's even an app that suggests workout plans designed for a variety of specific health-boosting purposes.

If you’re not quite the fitness nut, the Galaxy Gear also sports a 4-megapixel camera, built-in speakers and integration with the usual social media suspects for more pressing spy-type concerns.

Said to last at least ten hours on a single charge, the smartwatch also has net access covered with Wi-Fi connectivity. It supports Samsung’s S Voice too, if you're the sort who'd like to loudly command inanimate objects to do your bidding.

Unfortunately, the watch won't be flexing its bendy screen muscles as we’d hoped for earlier, so the 3” touch-enabled display of the Galaxy Gear might be awkward on dinky wrists.

Hang in there, we’ll try it on for size and report our findings when the smartwatch gets its official big reveal.

[Image source: VentureBeat]

[Source: VentureBeat via Engadget]