Samsung Forum 2019: The Top 6 Samsung IoT Appliances In 2019

Packing The Most Technologies And Style For Your Home

Samsung may be more popular for their Galaxy line of smartphones, but that does not mean the company will only invest in developing technologies for mobile devices. It’s important to remember that they have been an electronics household brand for decades and has roots deep within other areas of technology; mainly in home and lifestyle categories - for those who are unaware of their very extensive repertoire in the electronics industry.

The Samsung Southeast Asia and Oceania Forum 2019, which concluded recently at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore is one such specialised event that showcased the brand’s latest flagships in IoT (Internet of Things) and digital appliances (smart appliances).

As we peruse the showcase, here are the top six home appliances we believe will be great additions to the IoT sphere and for your consideration in building a new smart home or enhancing your living space with integrated IoT technologies.

Samsung 98” QLED 8K

Adding to the 2019 lineup of 65”, 75”, 82” and 85” models, the Samsung 98” QLED 8K is the latest of them all. Dubbed by the brand as its smartest and most powerful TV yet, the 98” QLED 8K is not only humongous but packs the technologies that could upscale lower resolution content for an 8K-worthy viewing experience.

Thanks to its Quantum Processor, the TV is capable of using machine-learning and AI to consolidate millions of images in order to calibrate low-res visuals into 8K quality, regardless of format. This effectively solves the dearth of native 8K content and makes the smart TV more inclusive in terms of usage for the masses.

To spice things up for your home, the 98” QLED 8K can camouflage itself to the wall by using the Ambient Mode feature where it mimics the texture of the wall behind it.

Samsung: The Wall

As its moniker suggests, The Wall is a modular microLED display system, which has a picture quality and visual experience much like Samsung’s QLED TVs. Mount a few modules together as a uniform canvas, and the possibility of creating an artistic display is limited only by the spatial allowance and your imagination.

The flush surface means there are no bezels in between each module, allowing you to create a seamless display. By combining the modules, it immediately becomes an aesthetic complement for any environment; where it be a corporate lobby, a museum or luxury residence.

Samsung: The Frame 2019

If you think The Wall might be too big of an aesthetic enhancement for your home, there’s still The Frame. The Frame has got to be one of our favourites from Samsung’s 2019 lineup for the blend of style and quirkiness in one aesthetically functional digital appliance.

The Frame now comes in many sizes for the 2019 iteration and is essentially a stylised TV that looks like, well, a photo frame. The thick bezels, which is something the market is continuously trying to get rid off certainly becomes a valuable aesthetic feature for this unique television.

A TV that doubles as photo frame is certainly not a revolution in technology but who would’ve thought that such a combo makes it a really beautiful “piece of art”. Speaking of art, you can access an app called “Art Store” to download digital artworks and deploy it as a wallpaper.

Turn it on and you get a television, turn it “off” and you will have a canvas-less artwork up on your wall.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator 4.0

The kitchen is probably the most non-communal space in a home in this day and age. It is the dominion of whoever cooks the best, or cleans the best. The new line of Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerators, which are smarter and more intelligent in every way, makes a comeback this year to make kitchens more inclusive to all family members and less intimidating to those who cannot cook.

Jokes aside, the Family Hub 4.0 sees an enhancement in AI and IoT capabilities as well as a new Family Board and a new Bixby. This really means that you could do virtually everything you can on a smartphone with a fridge. The new Bixby lets you create commands to the Family Hub using only your voice. Search for recipes, pick up calls, mirror apps that are on your smartphone and rule the planet.

But if you’re a little bit more nostalgic to how refrigerators used to be, the new Family Board provides an analogue feel to “pinning” things on your fridge. Share memories, photos and kids’ drawings just as you would on an old fridge, scribble some memo - and most importantly entrust all of your perishable food to HAL 9000.

Samsung WW7800M

The new WW7800M with QuickDrive technology is Samsung’s latest washing machine slated for release in 2019. QuickDrive really means a quicker washing experience of up to 50% time reduction and reduction of energy use by up to 20% - all without compromising cleaning performance.

But what is truly special about the WW7800M is the IoT-readiness of this product. It has an AI-powered laundry assistant called Q-rator. which allows for three key smart features; Laundry Planner, Laundry Recipe and HomeCare Wizard.

The Laundry Planner basically allows for customised timing and scheduling for the finishing time of each wash. The Laundry Recipe gives automatic recommendations for optimal wash cycles based on the information such as colour, fabric type, and degree of soiling provided by the user. Lastly, the HomeCare Wizard is an onboard support structure for alerts of any problems and to provide troubleshoot support if needed.

Samsung AR9500M Wind-Free

Launched in 2017, the wall-mounted AR9500M has Samsung’s proprietary technology called Wind-Free cooling. Why this AC unit appeals to us is due to our collective hate for our aircons’ cold airflow. Not that ACs are completely a bad thing but Samsung’s Wind-Free makes an AC actually cool.

The cool factor of the Wind Free technology on board the AR9500M is the 21,000 micro air holes on its chassis that allows for gentle dispersion of cold air. The aircon starts by lowering temperatures through the Fast Cooling Mode and then automatically switches to Wind-Free Cooling Mode once the desired temperature is reached. This method creates a still air environment that is cool and comfortable without any direct cold wind. Energy consumption is further reduced by up to 72 percent through this way.

You can also manage and monitor the AC through Samsung’s SmartThings app directly on the smartphone. Regulate temperature, adjust settings and receive real-time updates about daily energy usage.

Do you think six of these Samsung’s latest digital appliances are amazing? What other brands could possibly have better IoT appliances than Samsung? Feel free to comment. If you believe that Samsung has always produced quality products for the home as well as for personal use, share this article with your friends to keep them updated about the latest Stuff in happening in the market.