RIP Project Tango: Google ending support, focusing on ARCore

Not least because ARCore is cheaper and requires less-demanding hardware

Google tried to make its augmented reality Project Tango a success, but is officially winding up its efforts next year.

AR will be king

Tango as a platform relied on cameras to create unique user experiences and used the data to detect where users were without needing to rely on GPS or other signals. But despite Lenovo and Asus creating Project Tango devices, the technology never really got very far.

Support for Tango will officially end 1 March, 2018. Google will turn its attention to ARCore, which shares a lot of Tango functionality but won’t need the kind of specialised hardware Tango did.

It seems that AR is what will slay everything as far as mobile tech is concerned,  judging by how many AR apps have popped up in 2017. And Google gets that. Now it just has to play catch up.

[Source: AndroidPolice]