Razer Phone will get updates to improve its lacklustre camera

Expect more features to roll out soon

The Razer Phone has impressed critics in almost every aspect save one: its camera, which is fairly unimpressive in comparison to its competition. But that might change soon.

A faster camera...eventually

Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan posted on Facebook that tweaks for the camera's software are being made and will be "progressively released" in updates over the next few weeks.

The phone comes with a dual-camera rear setup which is the current trend – one is a telephoto f/2.4 sensor and the other a wide-angle f/1.7 camera. On the front is an 8MP f/2.0 front camera.

That hardware seems fine on paper, but there have been complaints about low light and shutter performance. 

A recent update has fixed some stability issues and also tweaked the interface. What’s next? Apparently there will be quicker zooming, 4x slow-mo recording, portrait mode, 60fps video as well as speed improvements. Most of these will come in late Q1 2018 with the Oreo update.

[Source: Facebook via GSMArena]