Precision Touch, an iPad artist's dream stylus, perhaps?

It has what iPad sketchers have been wanting for years - a fine tip
The iPad artist's dream stylus, perhaps?

While the iPad's been a great medium for consuming media, sketching or more precise drawing on the iPad has been somewhat hampered by the lack of actual fine-tipped styli. They tend to have big fat tips with the closest to accuracy being the Adonit styluses that worked by attaching discs at the end to approximate fine tips.

But people who want a true pen-like experience might look at the Precision Touch Dart that is now on pre-order after a succesful run on Kickstarter. The good news is that it has been used in the wild to favourable reviews and isn't just an 'idea' that might never come to fruition.

It actually feels like a pen

The iPad artist's dream stylus, perhaps?

So how does it work? Internally the stylus uses PCB digital circuitry that attempts to mimic your fingertip on the iPad's touchscreen. The 2mm fine tip is also hardened silicone that is less prone to collapse or distortion compared to other styli.

Other styli have managed by using software to make up for the lack of precision in the hardware, but the makers of the Dart says that it works as is with no special software needed.

At the moment the stylus comes in just black matte, with fingerprint resistance so you won't smudge the shiny surface and added tail fins for balance and better ergonomics.

It's too late to get in on the Kickstarter but you can still pre-order one for US$59.90, a discount over its final US$69.90 retail price. Packed with the stylus are three tips and two AAAA batteries. Precision Touch says the Dart should work with all applications and with all iPads.

No mention of Android tablet compatibility but since it doesn't need special software it should work with your Android tablet too.

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[Source: Precision Touch]