The Pokemon Company conducted a press conference from Tokyo today, announcing a handful of products that felt like an eco-system of sorts.


Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of the Pokemon Company, from behind a PokeBall-shaped podium provided the announcements in a manner that indicated that the company is reaching out to a broader audience.


We’ve listed out all the announcements below and highlighted a number of them that are of particular interest.


Summary of the Pokemon Press Conference

  • Detective Pikachu (based on the movie) is coming to the Switch.

  • Shibuya PARCO is getting a Pokemon Center in Fall 2019. (Mewtwo Statue to be featured at the entrance)

  • NetEase, a Chinese internet technology company and game publisher announced Pokemon Quest China.

  • Pokemon Sleep was announced (we are confused too)

  • Pokemon GO Plus Plus device was announced

  • DeNA is developing a smartphone game called Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Home

Pokemon home works a little like the 3DS Pokemon Bank but on steroids. It will be a cloud-based service that links up with your smartphone to the Nintendo Switch so you can grab all your Pokemon and have a party together.


The service will work with previous titles such as the aforementioned Pokemon Bank, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Let’s Go titles and the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield.


It will also enable trainers to trade Pokemon from their smartphone and is slated for release Early 2020.


Pokemon Sleep

This one had us questioning if it is a really early April Fools joke but it seems to have gotten a lot of attention on Twitter at least. Using the new Pokemon GO Plus Plus device (also not a joke), it utilizes your sleeping and waking up cycle to create a new kind of gameplay.


The device has an embedded accelerometer that can track your sleep quality and beam it to your phone. Bizzare? Definitely. Beneficial? For parents who have children playing Pokemon GO, possibly a Godsend. We suspect it could be the brainchild of the late Satarou Iwata.


Details on how it rewards trainers by using your sleep patterns though are still unclear. We expect more details to be shared at a later date. For now, it is announced to be released in 2020.


Pokemon Masters

Part of the Pokemon Company’s partnership with mobile game publishers DeNA, Pokemon Masters was announced and will feature all the past and present Pokemon Trainers from the mainline RPG and Anime in the mobile game.


It is planned for release later this year in 2019 and will be available on the iOS App Store and GooglePlay Store.


Not much can be said in terms of gameplay, but from initial looks seems to showcase 3 vs 3 battles with an ability to perform Z moves (at Brock’s expense) and will probably have a lot of microtransactions.

All things Pokemon

Overall, the press conference was a little unusual as it was designed to be a business announcement but was geared to appeal to fans. What do you think about the latest announcements on Pokemon? Are there any that you are excited about?


Let us know in your comments down below and stay tuned to Stuff Asia for more updates.