PlayStation Store Malaysia Will Also Charge 6% Tax On January 1 2020

This does not include PlayStation Plus and top ups on the account

After Google and Facebook, gamers have now been hit with the digital tac as Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that they will be charging 6 percent sales and services tax (SST) on games sold on the Malaysian PlayStation Store starting January next year.

The exact timing of when the tax will kick in is at 1 January 2020, 8AM Malaysian time. This tax will affect all purchasable items and subscription services next year, where if you see any different prices between product detail pages and check out pages, take note that the amount displayed on the Check Out page is what you will be charged.

Sony has also stated that "price updates will be implemented on items sold on the PlayStation Store during 4th - 6th Jan."

The tax however will not be charged for topping up your wallet in your PlayStation account, nor will it affect the PlayStation Plus subscription, which remains in price as before. This may be of little comfort considering that the PlayStation Plus just recently hiked their prices as well.

As always, we can expect more companies to announce a form of digital tax that will be implemented on us as Malaysia gears up for digital tax. Though probably the most interesting aspect for Sony's announcement is that it's referring to the tax as SST rather than digital tax. Regardless, it's going to be a gloomy day for local PlayStation fans.