Pay For The Samsung Galaxy Fold In Installments And Save RM699

You don't have to pay more with this payment plan

Usually when you buy products and do an instalment plan, you either pay for the exact amount of the product or even a bit more. Very rarely do you hear of paying a lot cheaper when you buy a product in instalment, but that's the case with the Samsung Galaxy Fold's Easy Payment Plan.

The retail price for the Samsung Galaxy Fold is RM8388 but with the Easy Payment Plan, you will be saving RM699 as the price drops to RM7689. Here's a better look of the payment plan:

Based on this, here's the total you will be paying:

  • 12 months: RM7689
  • 24 months: RM7689.12
  • 36 months: RM7688.88

Based on this, you can see that paying the 36 months save you an extra 12 cents, while paying the 24 months you will have to pay an extra 12 cents. Definitely some interesting choices to consider here.

If all this sounds good to you, just follow these simple steps to get the Galaxy Fold:

  • Step 1: Walk in to the nearest participating outlet
  • Step 2: Choose your bank for the installment
  • Step 3: Be entitled with 1 month waived

Yup, you could even be entitled for a 1 month waiver. You can find out more about the Easy Payment Plan on Samsung's official website, or even check out our review on the Samsung Galaxy Fold to get an idea of what's in store.