Oppo: We're doing our best to fight fakes in Malaysia

Company is doing its best to stamp out sales of fakes and clones

The recent fracas at Lowyat Plaza has put Oppo unwittingly in the spotlight.

Accusations of Oppo salespeople selling fakes have proven to be unfounded but Oppo has come up with an official statement nonetheless.

Oppo stated that it takes stringent measures to ensure that its outlets, distributors, partners and dealers only sell original, official handsets.

The company has however found it a challenge in dealing with imitations in the market, some even being sold openly at night markets. Oppo has released an online IMEI checker to help consumers ensure they're getting the real deal.

So long as you buy from official retailers, and avoid deals that seem to be good to be true, consumers should be able to avoid being cheated. With Oppo having an official presence in the country, getting support and finding genuine models shouldn't be too hard.

[Source: Soyacincau]