Oppo And Xiaomi Shows Off Invisible "Under Display" Camera And Colour Us Fascinated

The future of smartphone unobtrusive front cameras have reached its peak

There's been a huge quest as of 2019 to come up with new ways to make front cameras less obtrusive to ensure a fuller smartphone screen. So far the solutions range from notches, pinholes and pop-up cameras with all sorts of angles.

All of these solutions have some form of compromise so far, with the camera being obtrusive in one small way or another. Well, both Oppo and Xiaomi have taken things to the next level with the revelation of an invisible "under display" front camera, making any form of obtrusion obsolete now.

Oppo was the first to reveal this by posting a video on Twitter, where it shows an all-screen smartphone with no notches, cutouts or even a pop-up camera of any kind. Yet it is still able to take selfies with no issues. Pretty amazing, right?

Well, another smartphone manufacturer wasn't going to let Oppo take the spotlight for long. Xiaomi had then released their own video on Twitter. This time, Xiaomi used what looks like a Xiaomi Mi 9 in one hand and a similar device with no visible front-facing camera in the other. Then the user puts down the Mi 9, turns on the camera app on the other phone and flips the camera option to show there is in fact a selfie camera. Whoa!

Overall, it's likely that Xiaomi will be the first between the two to release the first "under display" camera as the Xiaomi video proved that their smartphone can still be used as a normal smartphone already, while the Oppo one didn't show much yet. Even so, it's just a prediction and we're still keen to see this in the market.

Whatever it is, the quest for a notchless, pop-upless camera has finally reached its peak and we're totally stoked. How about you?