Oppo And Vivo Flagship Smartphones To Have Dual Wi-Fi

Get fast and stable connection wherever you go

Oppo and vivo had released videos to introduce Dual Wi-Fi for their smartphones recently. This feature allows your phone to connect to two Wi-Fis at once so you can get better bandwith and stability in case one of them fails.

For Oppo, the ColorOS account on Weibo posted a neat 40-second video, showing the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom connecting to one 2.4 GHz and a secondary 5 GHz network, ramping up download speed up to 322%, while page loading speed increases by 44.5%, compared with regular Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Dual WiFi network acceleration technology has already rolled out to OPPO Reno 10x zoom and users can begin to use it as soon as they install the Dual Wi-Fi network acceleration firmware package on their device.

In the meantime, vivo went one step further by showing a demo on two iQOO phones. The Dual Wi-Fi service selected which network was faster and automatically used it for faster app download and lower latency while in a game. There is also the faster webpage loading, but once again - one of the networks is 2.4 GHz, the other is 5 GHz.

The Dual WiFi technology is pretty interesting and actually has a number of practical usage. For example you have two WiFi networks in your home/office (for example, Unifi's 5G and normal Wi-Fi connection) and you’re downloading a huge file. You need to leave the room to another room but don’t want to disconnect/slow down your download. That’s where dual Wi-Fi comes in. Doesn’t matter which room you got to, you’re are guaranteed of fast and stable internet.