OnePlus 7 Pro Users Receives Creepy Push Notifications; OnePlus Apologises

Of course, the first thing one should do during such an incident is to freak out

As we all know by now, OnePlus has officially landed in Malaysia just recently and a large number of consumers were excited for a worthwhile and established smartphone alternative. Now, imagine that your brand new OnePlus 7 Pro (which you’ve been bragging to your friends about) suddenly became all weird and started sending you outright creepy push notifications randomly. That’s exactly what happened to certain owners of the phone around the world.

On 1 July 2019, a number of OnePlus 7 Pro owners received “cryptic” push notifications from OnePlus themselves with one message literally saying “ha ha ha” in Chinese, while another notification was basically gibberish. The first immediate assumption was that OnePlus had been hacked and the phones have been compromised. In the Internet age of malware and hackers, it’s no wonder that such suspicions are possible. The users then took to Twitter to express their concerns and demanded OnePlus to explain the supposedly grave situation.

The company finally responded to the thousands of concerned OnePlus 7 Pro owners on Twitter, as well as on their official forum. Turns out, there were no breach in security nor did the phone gain sentience and decided to go all Nostradamus. Instead, it was a typical boo-boo on the OxygenOS team’s end when they were conducting a software test for the Android Q update. Due to an “error” during the test, the team accidentally pushed a routine test message to some users of the OnePlus 7 Pro. Of course, the company apologised for the awkward false alarm and assured users that it won’t happen again.

There you have it. What might’ve been a panic inducing incident was merely a result of carelessness from the OxygenOS team. Ironically for a company that takes pride in their slogan, OnePlus has concluded that this case is Settled.