Nothing expresses your gaudy personality like this gold-plated iPhone 6 by Ademov

It's so bling, you can't help and stare at it, maybe even match the gold Apple Watch you intend to splurge on
Nothing expresses your gaudy personality like this gold-plated iPhone 6

If the news of the gold Apple Watch possibly costing between US$4000 and US$5000 resulted in you going “meh, I’d pay that for it”, then perhaps this gold-plated iPhone 6 is made for you to pair it with the wearable device when it hits retail.

Luxury electronics store, Ademov, has created the iPhone 6 in cold hard 24-carat gold and you’ll want it because you need to stand out and the gold tinted version is too passé and anyone and everyone has it.

In addition to its body being made of gold, the Apple logo is also given some love. Yes, as you probably expected, it’s plated with 18-carat white gold on the base and embellished with VS1 white diamonds.

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If you’ve got no idea what that means, it’s basically stones that are on the high-end of the cost spectrum, but are more affordable when compared to some other diamond types. Any tiny flaws on them are also not visible when you look at them with your naked eye.

The gold surface is protected – the company applies a polish and clear coat so you can handle it without going all nervous and accidentally scratching it. Although, if we’d ever got anything this close to treasure, we’ll put the most protective cover in the market on it.

Oh, and did we forget to mention how much it’s going to cost you? Be prepared to fork out a minimum of US$7300 (S$9424) for it. If it makes you feel any better, the price tag includes a custom wooden box and maintenance kit. Personalised engraving by request is also included with no additional cost.

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[Source and image: Business Insider]