Not again: This time it's the Power Rangers movie on hold

UPDATE: The film will be screened without cuts, but with one caveat

Right after the Beauty and the Beast storm dispersed, looks like now it's the Power Rangers film's turn to be reviewed by the censorship board.

UPDATE 22/3/2017: The film has been cleared to screen, without cuts. But it has been rated PG13 so young children who had been planning to watch this, or parents who had thought about bringing their kids will have to re-evaluate their plans.

The film has yet to reappear on movie booking sites, but expect that to change soon.


Blues over Yellow Ranger

The Malaysian Censorship Board (LPF) is apparently putting the film under review, after reports surfaced of one of the power rangers being a gay character.

Which character is it? It's the Yellow Ranger Trini played by singer and actress Becky G, who you might have seen on YouTube or in her guest role on Empire.

TGV Cinemas and GSC Cinemas have pulled listings of the show from their websites and TGV Cinemas senior marketing manager Celeste Koay told Channel NewsAsia that the listings were taken down "to avoid any issues that may arise".

Seeing as the film is supposed to open tomorrow, with some shows tonight (Wednesday) it's certainly a last minute decision by the LPF to put the film on hold. Let's see if the film manages to squeeze past the censors this time.

In the meantime, here are some other films which (hopefully) won't be put on hold by LPF this year.

[Source: Channel NewsAsia]