This Nokia 3310 is a homage to BFFs Trump and Putin

Make your Nokia great again with this super-luxe phone

We had to check the date for this one because this edition of the Nokia 3310 seems like something out of an April Fool's release. It's gold, it's garish and it features Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Titanium and gold flash

As well as an iPhone 7, the iPhone customisers Caviar chose a Nokia 3310 to makeover, to commemorate the G20 summit in Hamburg. But the Nokia 3310 is a lot more interesting.

How special is this phone? There's steel, titanium and gold and on the back, a double profile of unlikely BFFs, world leaders Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. It costs an eyewatering 149000 rubles  (RM10650).

The website even goes on to explain why hardened titanium was used, as apparently it emphasises strength, principles and firmness as well as the necessary stubbornness to protect justice and country.

Buyers are even suggest to gift it to someone "not indifferent to contemporary history and politics". We'd probably suggest getting the iPhone 7 instead as it'll probably be a little more secure.

[Source: Techcrunch]