Nintendo Labo VR Is Now Supported By Unity

More games will be coming to the Nintendo Switch’s DIY peripheral.

Nintendo has finally found some success in their foray into virtual reality gaming with their Nintendo VR Labo kit, which is basically a reinvention of the ill-fated Virtual Boy using a Nintendo Switch and some cardboard. So far the software has been first-party only, until now.

According to Japanese video game news outlet, Famitsu, Unity Technologies has announced that their Unity game engine will now support the Labo VR peripheral. With Unity already the industry standard game engine, this ensures that more and more third-party video games will be made with the myriad of Labo control schemes in mind. Unlike typical VR headsets, the Labo has all sorts of ways to play. From a wind pedal, to an elephant’s trunk, and a more conventional blaster, it goes beyond the usual motion controls that the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift would have.

Though don’t expect anything grand (like the Vader Immortal VR game) coming out of the Labo VR, most of the game’s are more abstract and esoteric. Though that might just be the Labo VR’s strengths, which will definitely bring about some pretty wild concepts, especially from indie developers who utilise Unity in their games.

So far, only one indie game has been announced to be integrated with the Labo VR kit, that being Spice & Wolf VR, which is a visual novel that is also coming to the PC and PS4. Hopefully, this means we could get BeatSaber for Nintendo Switch!