Nike's Maker Experience makes your dream custom Nikes come true

If off-the-rack isn't enough then this custom Nike experience is the ultimate sneakerhead's dream

Custom Nikes? That doesn't seem new but Nike just announced what it's called the Nike Makers Experience at the Nike By You Studio at 45 Grand in New York.

Ultimate customisation

The sneaker experience is a new one as in you'll get to see a live design process in action - though it's limited to the Nike Presto X with choices of both the original and slip-on versions.

In the studio you'll get a love look at the pattern created from Nike Heritage designs as well as those created on the spot. And the best part? It takes just 90 minutes.

Sadly the fancy custom shoe experience will only be available to Nike friends and family for the moment as well as select Nike+ customers.

While pricing has yet to be determined, it's likely we'll know once Nike expands the service to include more models, makes and options.

[Source: Nike]