New tweak in Uber app makes it easier for drivers to bring you to your destination

Its newly integrated turn-by-turn navigation saves precious seconds of your time
Uber tweaks app to offer seamless end-to-end service

For many cosmopolitan urban dwellers, Uber has filled a huge void – car service may be unreliable and cabs and public transportation will always remain overly noisy, cramped and otherwise disruptive. But the company is taking steps to make the experience even better.

Wednesday marked a new day for Uber regulars as the company rolled out two rather significant features to its apps – one for the driver and one for the rider.

The driver app now comes with step-by-step driving instructions straight from the app which is a brilliant and highly sensible integration that should’ve come much sooner. Drivers used to have to fiddle with a second or third app, manually typing an address told by their passenger. It’s only a few seconds of downtime, but cutting that lull will do much to make the service even smoother and slicker than it already is.

Cheaper, faster, better?

Uber tweaks app to offer seamless end-to-end service

Guess what, the second feature directly complements the first. Passengers can now enter their destination directly into the app, which we suppose is what helps the app supply and retrieve the directions to feed the driver later. But that’s the back-end. On the front-end, the two combined means your car comes to pick you up and you’re immediately whisked off to your destination as soon as you close the door.

Uber also assures us that the destination entered is kept away from the driver’s side, to ensure fares can’t be cherrypicked. Drivers are only informed of the passenger’s destination at pick-up.

Uber started as a niche venture in San Francisco, bringing comfortable, personalized, on-demand car service. It has expanded its business to over 40 countries around the world including cities in the UK, South Africa, India, Malaysia and Singapore. The company has also introduced UberX in certain countries – a venture to bring the Uber experience at cheaper prices.

[Source: Uber]