New OnePlus 3T will have colossal amount of RAM

UPDATE: Looks like the next OnePlus will be a real powerhouse

Qualcomm has confirmed it will be providing the processor for the upcoming OnePlus phone.

UPDATE 11/11/2016: Phandroid's latest rumour is that not only will the phone have the highest-end processor available, the OnePlus 3T will have 8GB of RAM. Considering that the OnePlus 3 had 6GB of RAM, that's a mighty hefty update and just one more reason to consider the phone - due to be unveiled 15 November.

We were mighty impressed by the OnePlus 3, and we're betting that might also be the case with the OnePlus 3T if it lives up the current hype.


Flagship specs

The chipmaker confirmed as much in a Tweet:

Rumours have already started circulating about the next OnePlus, said to be the OnePlus 3T that will feature not just the Snapdragon 821 but a 16MP Sony IMX398 sensor and will likely be priced slightly higher than the current OnePlus 3. It will apparently be priced at US$479 (RM2000), which is still a pretty good deal if the phone is an update to the already well-reviewed OnePlus 3.

We've already anointed the OnePlus 3 as the best possible Android phone to buy right now. Check out our review of that phone - we're betting that its successor will see a few upgrades beyond just the processor and the camera.

What makes the OnePlus 3 appealing is a combination of high-specs, one of the best custom Android builds and a great price for what you get. We'll keep you updated once the phone becomes official.

[Source: GSMArena]