New Nintendo Switch Models To Come This Year

A smaller, portable-focused version will be arriving this Fall.

After years of the many iterations of the Gameboy and the Nintendo DS, the minute the Nintendo Switch dropped, people started asking when different versions will come. True enough, newer, more specialised Nintendo Switches are coming to us pretty soon.

As reported by Nikkei earlier in the year, a smaller, portability-focused Nintendo Switch is coming to us soon. Now, Nikkei has confirmed that this new, Mini-version will come to us sometime in Fall. It has been rumored that this version of the Switch may have a built-in controller, like the Nintendo DS, instead of having removable Joy-Cons. Though, Nikkei does note that this version can still sync up to a TV.

The earlier report also stated that a higher spec, “pro version” of the Nintendo Switch will also be coming. This new report now states that this higher spec version is still a ways off and won’t be coming anytime soon. The “pro version” is said to be a major revamp of the current Switch model, presumably with much better hardware.


If the smaller version is really coming this Fall, and with E3 coming in June, we hope that Nintendo will officially unveil this new version of the Nintendo Switch then. The Nintendo Switch have had a good 2 years and a new offering is sure to shake things up and get more adopters to the platform.