New broadband provider promises 'internet everywhere' for a hefty price

Satellite service promises nationwide coverage but will its steep charges doom it from the start?

There's a new broadband provider in town and it's called CONNECTme.


Launching 8 March, it's currently taking indications of interest on its mobile app and website. The promise is that it will provide coverage all over the country, without the need for fibre cables.

How is this possible? CONNECTme is a satellite service that requires you to install an antenna on a wall or roof, with internet then channelled to a satellite modem.

The company also claims to be able to support speeds up to 15Mbps, albeit on a best-effort basis.

Like all satellite services though, it will be affected by weather conditions. Rain may cause speed issues and perhaps even outages.

That doesn’t sound promising considering the monthly rate for the CONNECTme@Home service: a hefty RM450 for 25GB of data a month. The CONNECTme@Home on-demand service, meanwhile, comes in at RM25 per gigabyte. On top of all that subscribers will also have to fork out an RM500 annual fee.

If you want to try the provider out without heavy committment, a CONNECTme@COMMUNITY service will let you use the service’s WiFi hotspots at RM10 per 1GB. This will mean you won’t get to install the service at home but hey, at least there’s no RM500 installation fee.

Got cash to blow? Take a look at their website.

[Source: ConnectMe via The Star]