Neffos lowers prices of six phone models in Malaysia

Phones now competitively priced from RM299 to RM899

Neffos just announced discounts across its current range of phones except for the X1 Lite.

Cheaper phones

The Neffos X1 Lite is the only phone staying at its current RRP of RM 499.00. However the rest of the range got a discount, as follows:

  1.         Neffos Y50: RM 299.00 (previously RM 349.00)
  2.         Neffos Y5: RM 399.00 (previously RM 449.00)
  3.         Neffos C5 Max: RM 499.00 (previously RM 599.00)
  4.         Neffos X1 16GB: RM 599.00 (previously RM 699.00)
  5.         Neffos X1 32GB: RM 699.00 (previously RM 849.00)
  6.         Neffos X1 Max 32GB  – RM 799.00 (previously RM 899.00)
  7.         Neffos X1 Max 64GB  – RM 899.00 (previously RM 1199.00)

The X1 and X1 Max will also come with a free year of screen crack coverage, 2 years warranty and 3 months of 1-to-1 exchange.

You can locate your nearest Neffos branch here and follow them on Facebook here.