Need Apple products in your life? Machines and Mac City are having sales

Older models, as well as used showroom models up for grabs

If you're looking to buy something from Apple, or maybe on the hunt for Apple product accessories, this is the right time to shop.

Both Mac City and Machines are offering discounts on selected items, mostly previous lines. 

Bargain hunting time

Mac City is the easier option if you're too lazy to leave the house. It's offering decent discounts from its website: nearly half off the first-gen Apple Watch, and discounts ranging from RM300-500 on previous gen MacBooks and iPad Pros.

So if you don't mind previous-generation devices, you might get some very good deals. Check under the Promotions tab on the site to look at pricing and make an order, or head over to your nearest Mac City.

Machines is doing a different tack. It's having a warehouse sale on Level 4, Avenue K from the 28th to 30th July. It seems mostly to clear out really old stock - there's everything from headphones, to cables and casings.

Some of the prices are pretty cheap so if you're looking for accessory bargains, you might be in luck. Have a look here at what is still in stock before you visit the sale and prepare for the many conditions: apparently bags of any kind are not allowed inside

Just prepare for the crowds and for what you're looking for to be sold out fast, as is the case at Machines' warehouse sales.