Move over, MTV, it's the YouTube Music Awards

Come November 5, there'll be a new music awards show streaming straight to your living room.

With YouTube being the music source of choice as well as an Internet star creator, it was only a matter of time before Google would have its own awards ceremony. The YouTube Music Awards promises to be a fun, crowd-propelled event.

Video music mayhem

The date: November 5

The place: Your living room

The YouTube Music Awards has Spike Jonze as creative director and Jason Schwartzman hosting, with a live event hosted in New York City.

October 17, the YouTube Music Awards Nominations will happen where the shortlist of the most popular videos and acts will be announced. Voting will then be open, allowing viewers to help determine who deserves a YouTube gong.

Google promises a 'whole week' of music with plenty of videos running up to the actual event, from nomination day to the prize-giving.

[Source: YouTube]