The Moto 360 has a circular face because there’s something magical about it: Motorola

It’s touted a new teaser to keep us wanting it more
The Moto 360 has a circular face because there’s something magical about it: Mot

Motorola knows you want the Moto 360, and that’s why it’s taunting you with yet another teaser of the wearable device. The latest in the installment of Motorola Mobility videos on YouTube explains why the tech company’s creating the Moto 360 with a circular face.

The primary reason, is that it wants the device to aesthetically stand out against the swarm of wrist strap-ables being released – different is always good right? But differentiating itself from other smartwatch creators doesn’t make Motorola a rebel, because it’s actually sticking to the orthodox design of a traditional watch.

That’s what Motorola Moto 360 product lead, Lior Ron, said in the video. “There’s something very magical about the round shape. It’s comfortable, lets us have a sizeable display… and it’s just classical.” 

Coming full circle

As Motorola’s mentioned before, having a round screen as compared to a square or rectangular one gives it the advantage of packing more content into a smaller surface area – in the clip, Ron calls it the balance of design and functionality.  

Well it might be ahead of the pack in killer looks but it’s lagging behind its peers in actually launching the Android Wear smartwatch – the LG G Watch, Moto 360, and Samsung Gear Live were all unveiled at Google’s I/O Conference together but the Moto 360 is the only one that hasn’t reared its head yet.   

Considering that it’s the most anticipated of the lot, and that the demand for it has been pressing, the device could be on our wrists by the end of August (we think it’s about time it does so anyway). Until then, keep drooling over the video.

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[Source: Mashable