All-Electric Mini Cooper SE To Be Unveiled In July

A first for its kind to deliver a quieter and green driving experience

As we progress into a more environmentally friendly future to cut down our reliance on consumable energy such as fossil fuels, more and more automotive companies are researching and developing hard on making the jump to a greener approach by making their vehicles go full electric. This includes BMW-owned Mini which will unveil its first all-electric vehicle on 9 July 2019.

The Mini vehicle in question is expected to be the Cooper SE which would be the finalised version of the Mini Electric concept that was first showcased in 2017. While not much is known of the electric car’s specifications, it is speculated that the Mini will feature a 33.8kWh battery with a driving range of around 320km. It’s also expected to be powered by an electric motor that could produce 181bhp and 270Nm of torque, similar to the ones found in the BMW i3s.

The all-electric Mini will be available for pre-order in European countries including Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway, while countries such as the UK, Italy, and the US will open soon after. No word yet from BMW or Mini in regards of pricing or if the vehicle will be available in Malaysia.