Microsoft’s Chromium Browser Is Just Chrome Without The Google

All of Chrome with less polish for now.

Microsoft is moving forward with their new Chromium-based browser, which is meant to replace their current Edge browser. While it’s not fully released just yet, the Chromium Edge is available for public testing, with those interested able to download it and try out all the features it provides.


The new Chromium Edge is definitely a step above the current Edge browser, and is immediately recognisable for those who are familiar with Google Chrome. In fact, upon starting up Chromium Edge, the browser will automatically import your extensions and bookmarks from Google Chrome.

Though be forewarned, not everything is fully integrated with the Chromium Edge. Microsoft might have put in some of their own services, like Bing and Windows Defender Smartscreen, but they’ve also taken out a lot of things that are commonplace in Google Chrome, like Google Maps and even spell check.

Of course these are just the trials and the full release will definitely have more to offer. Overall it runs well, and will hopefully end up even better. Try it out for yourselves right here.