Microsoft Edge's mobile versions now in beta

What it offers is a new experience, though maybe not new speeds

Microsoft isn't giving up on getting its Edge browser everywhere, releasing a beta version of its browser for Android and iOS.

A slicker feel

You need to be a Windows Insider member and, unfortunately, based in the US to download the app for your smartphone. Still, it doesn't mean it won't be rolled out to other territories eventually - likely after language customisation happens.

It isn't an all-new app - instead it runs on Google's Chromium for Android and WebKit for iOS. Basically, it's a reskin of the native browser but offering a different interface/experience. Also, it works with HTML5 and offers a Reading View mode for a less cluttered webpage view, supporting syncing of favourites and reading lists between devices. Apparently password syncing and Microsoft Store purchases will also be supported soon.

Also, for Android users: the Arrow Launcher is now Microsoft launcher and if you use the "Continue on PC" feature, it will let you send pictures and links from your phone to a Windows 10 PC.

Let's hope Microsoft doesn't let Edge stay too long in beta, as the screenshots certainly look promising.

[Source: GizmoChina]