Luxe Michael Kors Instax camera is as photogenic as the snaps it will take

An instant camera that looks grownup

The Michael Kors edition of the Instax Mini 70 is a nice alternative for those who want something not so cutesy for an instant camera.

Same features, more style

Inspired by the Michael Kors' Scout handbag line, it has what the brand calls an "exclusive gold metallic" shade, with the signature right on the back, with the Kors' logo right in front.

The original camera model itself isn't new, the Mini 70 was introduced last year and it uses the ISO 800 wide picture format producing 2.130in x 3.4in photos.

It has a built-in flash, with automatic brightness and shutter speeds. It has a mirror on the front that lets you check yourself out before you take the shot, as well as a "smart selfie mode" that will adjust settings for self-portraits.

Also coming is a bunch of accessories, including a photo scrapbook, leather photo keychain, gold-tone chain camera strap as well as "interchangeable studded guitar straps".

How much for the privilege of owning the luxury edition of the Instax Mini 70? About US$150 (RM620). Still cheaper than an actual Kors handbag so on paper it's not a bad deal if you were looking for an instant camera in the first place.

[Source: TheVerge]