Maxis reduces data topup charges for Surfmore Plans

Maxis is finally bowing to the price wars

If you are a Maxis SurfMore plan subscriber then you are in luck as Maxis has finally decided to drop its price for add-on data, which allows you to get 1GB of data for only RM15, half the price of what it was before.

You can check out the rates on your MyMaxis app on your Android or iOS device and if you need 2GB instead, you only need to pay RM30. Earlier this year, the SurfMore plans have already gone through a revamp as rates and prices are reduced significantly therefore putting Maxis back into the game by making things affordable again.

The new data add-on packages are only available for Maxis SurfMore30 and Surfmore50 plans. Those who are using the MaxisOne plan will still have to pay the unrevised price of RM30 for 1GB, RM58 for 3GB and RM116 for 6GB. Daily passes are still available however for RM 5 for 500MB and RM2 for 100MB a day. Just make sure you select the correct package for the correct  plan as there are loads of packages on the MyMaxis app.

[source : Lowyat]