Man creates a magnetised Thor hammer that only he can lift

This is what they should be teaching in schools

Ever since they dazzled uneducated serfs with their invisible black magic powers, magnets have proven useful time and time again - and this most recent example, is perhaps the best use of them we’ve ever seen.

Appropriately-named YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced has crammed a microwave oven’s electromagnet into a replica of Thor’s Hammer. Powered by four batteries, it’s activated by grasping the handle, which makes it impossible to lift off any metal surface.

The handle also has a built-in fingerprint scanner which only recognises its creator, turning off the electromagnet as it does so.

And there you have it - an instant Thor hammer that can only be lifted by those worthy (or clever) enough to do so.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to inquire into the creation of a Siri-connected White Ranger Saba sword.

[Sufficiently Advanced]