Malaysian website setup to catch fake news

Collaboration between MCMC and Communications Ministry a bid to weed out fake information

Looks like the Malaysian government is taking fake news seriously, as the Communications Ministry just collaborated with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commision (MCMC) on an anti-fake news portal.

Fighting fake news

The portal was launched to "check on the authenticity of news spread through social websites" according to a Bernama newspiece.

MCMC has, according to Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak, identified close to 1000 false news items being spread.

A quick perusal of the website shows it has a fair amount of content, debunking a lot of viral news items including the veracity of a story about a woman being swallowed by a python in Taiping and whether the McDonald's quarter pounder is halal. The posts go quite some time back so it's pretty evident the website has been in planning for quite some time now.

You can check out the website here and also report fake news as well via the website.

It's admittedly rather useful to have our own version of Snopes so bookmark it for the next time you see a piece of local news online that seems a bit farfetchched.

[Source: NST]